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Click this link to Download Basic Phrase It Instructions for the Dice and Cards.

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1. Tic-Tac-Toe Box

2. 5 Ways to Play Phrase It Cards

3. Phrase It Dice Activity PDF

4. Camping Trip Group Activity

5. Phrasal Verb Fill-in-the-Blank (Worksheet) (Click here for Audio Answers)

6. Phrasal Verb Unscramble the Sentences (Worksheet) (Click here for Audio Answers)

7. Dictation Practice with 8 Sentences (Worksheet) (Click here for Audio Answers)

8. 10 Questions with Phrasal Verbs (Worksheet for Dictation Practice)

9. Phrase It Sentence Starter Activity

10. TOEFL Preparation Resources

11. After the Job Interview Practice Conversation (Worksheet for Writing)

12. Kahoot Game with Phrasal Verbs Link and ESL Vocabulary List

💥13. ESL Conversation Activity Ordering a Subway Sandwich (Click the link for a printable Dialogue and Word List)


14. TED Talk on Introverts Activity (Comes with the video link, vocabulary list, and discussion questions as an ESL lesson)

15. 20 Phrasal Verbs Matching Activity ESL Worksheet

16. Opposites Phrasal Verb Worksheet Activity

17. Sentence Race Dictation Activity with Phrasal Verbs

18. ESL Resources from Others in the ESL Community

19. Finding a Job Introduction ESL Activity and Vocabulary Words

20. Present Perfect Tense Activity: "Have Been" ESL Conversation Download and Grammar Topic

21. Phrase It Kahoot Game

22. Phrase It Kahoot Game 2 (15 Questions)

23. Kahoot Game for Phrasal Verbs related to Finding a Job

24. Banking Words Vocabulary List with Definitions and Example Sentences

25. Wham Phonics Assessment for Helping Your Students

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Hand-Picked Recommendations for teaching or learning English

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