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"I liked that it is hands-on and that it allows students to practice a difficult aspect of the English language in a fun, engaged way. I definitely had students that were super competitive in my group, and they were very engaged throughout the oral version of the game. I saw that the less competitive student in my group was more engaged in the writing version as she had the time she needed without getting trampled over by the other students."

Wendy-Anne Whamrick, ESL Instructor

"The girls told me it was their favorite thing they did this summer. It really made them think about putting sentences together and using the verbs/pronouns was very helpful. I saw many 'aha' moments as I worked with the girls. My girls that have been really practicing over the past year had an easier time at the game."

Cathy Cornelison, Visiting Teacher in the Dominican Republic

"Some suggestions I got [from students] were to focus on phrases with more than one meaning such as 'make up.' You can make up an imaginary story or make up after a fight. Another suggestion was to have the group try to tell a chronological story by turning over consecutive cards and incorporating that phrase into the story...everyone enjoyed it and felt that they learned something."

Lisa Yabuki, ESL Instructor

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