New PREP IT English Game

Practice prepositions, build sentences, and have fun! Download the free eBook guide.

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Image of two children holding up the Prep It English language card game flashcards at a kitchen table. The bottom text reads For All Kinds of Beginning English Learners.

How to Play Prep It

Teacher Alex explains how to use this English game for learning prepositions and common vocabulary words.

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English Games for the Classroom and Students Prep It Flashcards Game with Teacher Alex under the cards. Text reads Prep It English Card Game.

Phrase It English Game

A fun way to practice English phrasal verbs!

phrase it esl card game and activity why phrase it

Why Phrase It?

English is confusing! It doesn't have to be.

Phrase It focuses on conversational phrasal verbs in English. (Scroll Below for the Free instructional eBook)


"I use this with my High School ELL class. For some students, we translate the phrase and then allow them to create their own sentence for it...On our game day, this is the game the students choose to play more often than any other language game in my class." -Heidi W., ELL Instructor


"Used with my middle school intervention group. Great resource!" -M. Creamer


"I have used the card game in my ESL classes. Find them very useful at all levels. Different games with the cards were chosen to suit the level being taught, and proved very engaging for the learners." -Hasnain S.

How to Play

Phrase It ESL Book for Teaching and Classroom Activities

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Listen to the Phrase It start up story on the Side Hustle School podcast

Phrase It Featured on the Side Hustle School Podcast

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