Phrase It Game

Phrase It Game

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Need to spice up your classroom?

  • Conversation Practice: Say goodbye to boring teacher lessons and hello to topics and materials where you can practice everyday use of phrasal verbs.
  • ESL: Provides card activities with interactive teaching methods to enhance student learning, word recall, and literacy development.
  • Adaptable: Using your classroom textbook or vocabulary list, you can adapt it to fit your needs as a teacher as well as implement grammar, reading, and writing exercises into your lesson plans.
  • For Ages 8 and Up: includes 70 common phrasal verb cards, a game instruction book with a glossary, job interview conversation, and a few worksheets which are photocopiable.

Our vision is to see millions of English language learners get ‘aha’ moments through fun and innovation while improving their lives and the lives of others.

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