Crystal Magnetic Building Blocks

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From One Happy Mom...

"Great set with lots of pieces. There are 2 sets of alphabet letters which is great for practice/play. The box is very handy too. The tiles and letters also work with another set I already had, so glad they're compatible. Very good and big set for the price." 


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From One Happy Educator and Grandmother...

"I provided my nearly 6-year-old grandson the container of Crystal Magnetic Building Blocks without any introduction or structure. He immediately dumped the materials out and engaged with them unaided for a half hour. He recognized and named the shapes. Right away, he used the hexagons and pentagons to create a 3-D dodecahedron sphere that he rolled across the floor. He build a submarine (the sea is a special interest) and a car (using the two platforms with wheels) and used the letters to spell his name (he knows the alphabet and reads words in isolation). He was very excited about the 2-D dinosaur he made on the floor out of squares and triangles. 

He worked for about 30 minutes before dinner with great excitement, and was very anxious to get back to the materials after eating. When we had to clean up for bedtime after another 30 minutes of play, he asked when he could use them again. As a former elementary teacher of gifted and talented children, I heartily recommend the blocks for preschoolers to elementary level children. They are colorful, attach well, and offer a variety of learning options. I would introduce the letters as a child begins to recognize letters."

-Cheryl M.
Crystal Magnetic Building Tiles with Alphabet Letters


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